About Airbrush Makeup Artistry

Airbrush Makeup is popular in film (movies), television, theatre, bridal, editorial, videos, high end/special photo shoots, and celebrity red carpet events. This type of makeup artistry has been around for years but is becoming much more known now especially with the advent of High Definition video and television (HD).


 Air Brush Makeup Foundations are mixed for a customized match to the clients skintone

The AirBrush Makeup is 

* Oil-free 

* Hypoallergenic 
("Designed to reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response, as by containing relatively few or no potentially irritating substances").


  • Water Resistant 

  • Long Lasting 18-24hrs

  • Avoid heavy or cakey look

  • Appearance of luxuriously smooth skin

This type of application is kinder to your complexion than traditional cosmetics because the airbrush never actually touches your skin during application. Brushes that I do use, they are thoroughly shampooed/cleaned after each use.


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